4 Things You Can Do During Quarantine That Will Last a Lifetime

This unprecedented time in history has brought a lot of challenges but also some new opportunities to revisit what we value. If you are at home in quarantine, you might have tried all the tips you've read, cleaned your house, repaired what had been waiting for you …but now you might be running out of ideas?

What’s the best use of your time and how can you invest your energy in something that will last a lifetime? Something you'll be so glad you did, once you look back some day?.

Here are four easy ideas to make the most of your quarantine time. You never know when another opportunity like this might present itself! 

1. Learn the basics of a new language

How many languages can you speak? If your answer is one, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to learn a new one. If you love traveling to other countries, like spending your summers in Italy or your vacation time in Mexico, why not learn a few basics that will help you get by? An easy way to do it is with Duolingo, a fun way to learn — and it’s also free. With an hour or so a day during your time at home, you should be able to know the basics in no time.

2. Make videos for your friends and family

The best time to stay in touch is now, but can you really be on live phone calls or video chats all day while also trying to do your work or attend things in your house? Making a one minute video at a random time, instead, telling a story, an update, a thing you remembered, or anything that comes to mind, is a much easier way to stay connected. You can use LifeTales for that; easily upload and privately share videos, photos, texts or voice notes. You can later share the link with friends and family so they can view it at their convenience.

3. Interview your grandparents

Over the phone, of course, but what a great opportunity to get to know your grandparents, great grandparents, and ancestors! Prepare a few questions for them, like what was it like when they were growing up, what was the most popular job, what was the most popular restaurant or food, what were their parents like, what did they like to do, what was their hobby, etc., and then just give them a call. Record that conversation with any recording app; LifeTales also allows you to record and store so you can save it, share it, and later turn it into a memoir!

4. Learn an instrument

If you’re looking for something that awakens the artist in you, perhaps try learning a new instrument. YouTube has a million free tutorials depending on your choice of instrument. One suggested instrument is the Ukelele for its low barriers of entry: simple and cheap!

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