See how LifeTales compares with Instagram.

Instagram has its place and can be a lot of fun.
See how LifeTales fits into your life with our unique combination of story creation, privacy, customized sharing and long term preservation.

Instagram can be a lot of fun for sharing quick pix. Like on Halloween — take a couple of pix of the kids, add some emojis, a filter, a cute caption and BOOM — you’re done. All your friends will love it, comment and marvel at how cute your kids are.

But what about the rest of the story — all the things you probably won't share on Instagram, either because it's too much or too private.

Getting the kids ready, the cute videos, extra funny things they said or did. Your parents will love the rest of the story! And you’ll love looking back on it one day when the kids are older.

And so will your kids!

More than just a bunch of pictures, LifeTales gives you all the tools you need to easily preserve the whole story. You'll want to remember it!

* 2GB Free
Free (with ads)
Owned by
You alone
You and Instagram (Facebook)
Download your content anytime
** Customizable sharing controls
Per story and per collection
Just one group: “close friends”
Invite friends to collaborate on a story
Add voice notes and audio clips to posts
Group stories into collections
Invite friends to add Stories to one of your Collections
Upload unlimited photos per post
Tell more of the story
Upload unlimited videos per post
Add to or edit story over time
Reorganize photos after publishing
* Enough for 1,000-2,000 typical pictures or for a feature length film. 99 cents per month after 2GB limit.
** Keep some stories private, share others intimately and still others more broadly or with different groups or even publicly

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