Helpful Tips From Family Experts For An Easy Quarantine At Home

In China, divorce rates have risen since the mandatory quarantine, with some cities even restricting the number of divorce applications allowed to be received per day. Couples that are not used to spending so much time together, tend to get into overheated arguments and rush to quick conclusions, before giving themselves time to settle and think. 

Added to the context of uncertainty, fear, and financial worries, this quarantine could be detrimental to any relationship. Consulting with several family experts, we gathered a list of the best tips to make this time with the family easy, enjoyable, and productive. The most important thing of all is to remember that this moment is temporary, this too shall pass.

Use breathing techniques 

“I recommend concentrating on breathing techniques that regulate the mind and allow us to connect in the vibration of the heart or the universal love. From the sweet space of being, one can connect with our highest state of consciousness even for a few moments. Practicing as a family is a lot of fun and allows everyone to explore higher planes of consciousness. In five minutes you can reduce a great level of stress and maintain a state of balance for the rest of the day”, suggests Sadhana Shakti of Skanda Yoga

Keep a journal

Sometimes when we feel anxiety rising into our system and find ourselves snapping at any comment or get frustrated too quickly, it means that we have negative feelings accumulating inside that we need to release. Whenever we express our sentiments and release them from the confined space of our minds, we can see that sometimes these problems are not as big as they seemed and not as bad as we thought. Keeping a journal is a formidable way of liberating our minds, leaving room for positive thoughts to enter. This is a simple practice that doesn’t take much of your time. In LifeTales, you can keep an organized journal that you can populate with whatever medium you feel like expressing that day, whether that is video, voice recordings, or writing. If every member of the family takes five minutes a day to journal, then not only you’re releasing tension but you’re also keeping a memory of this historic time that you’re going through as a family. Here’s a quick guide on how to journal with LifeTales

Remember to be grateful 

"It is important to remember how much we have to be grateful for and focus on those things.  Family is a gift. A huge blessing that should never be taken for granted.  Cut each other some extra slack in these trying times. Remember you are all on the same team and probably each doing their best. Try to come up with a routine that shares responsibilities. Try to communicate in a calm, understanding way. Make sure you are all getting a little alone time to recharge in a way that you need to recharge. Staying active will also help dispel pent up energy and frustration. Whatever frustration comes your way, just be thankful for your health and that you are not totally isolated by yourself! Listen to music to help you create a relaxing atmosphere. Take some time to do guided meditations. Do what makes you happy and pass that happy on."  Shares Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog and author of Sharing Stories, Making Memories: A Journal for Grandparents and Grandchildren.

If you have other tips on how to make this time with the family more fun, please share them with us so we can include them in the following posts. And remember, this is temporary. 

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