Still using email to send pictures and video?

See how LifeTales compares.

LifeTales is a far better way to share your family's stories beautifully, privately and securely.

Email Attachments vs LifeTales Stories

Email’s a universal tool, great for communication and sharing of messages and small attachments. But when it comes to sharing pictures and video with friends and family, it leaves a lot to be desired!

Email's especially painful when you try to share many pictures. Either send highly compressed versions or send many emails. Or both.

As for videos? Good luck with that. Be sure to compress them to something very tiny and low quality. Or send  some other way.

And almost as bad, you quickly develop a tangled, spaghetti-like thread of emails from everyone as they respond. Good luck finding them in the future!

LifeTales — the better way

Use LifeTales to share a beautiful story as easily as creating an email!

If you’ve ever used email to share multiple pictures with friends and family, try recreating it just once using LifeTales. You’ll never go back!

Looks beautiful!
Good for one-off quick pix or very short video to share with friends
Add as many pictures or video as you wish to a story
Videos can be any length
Add text and audio captions to each picture instead of writing a long email with separate attachments
Invite a friend to collaborate before sharing with others
Edit, reorganize or add to a story, even after hitting the send button
Customized sharing: Flexibly share with groups or individuals
* Privacy friendly — no forwarding allowed
Comments are in the story; no spaghetti threads
When you look back in the future, everyone’s comments will be  in one place — after all, they’re an important part of the memory!
Great for content that you and your friends/family will want to enjoy many times
Great way to organize your content. No extra effort needed.
Share some of your stories publicly on your own personal public page. The world's easiest blog!
* Friends cannot forward or download your stories. If you choose, you can make someone a Collaborator to give them more privileges.

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