See how LifeTales compares with Messaging apps.

LifeTales is a great alternative to messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger for sharing your pix and video privately and securely.

When to use LifeTales

Messaging apps are great for text chats. They’re even good for very quickly sharing a couple of  pictures or brief videos privately with friends and family — way more privacy than social media!

But for privately sharing more than just a few quick pix, and savouring the content again in the future, there’s LifeTales.

Chats in Messaging apps are like a river rushing by

Have you ever been part of a group chat where you’ve aded some pictures, some friends comment, the chat changes to another topic … but other friends didn’t check until the next day? It’s hard for them to switch the subject back and comment. So they don’t.

Messaging is like a river rushing by. Catch it at the right moment … or miss the conversation!

Great for text conversations
Great for one-off quick pix or short video to share with friends
Great for content that you and your friends/family will want to enjoy many times
Add/organize pix, video, text/audio captions, narratives, all in a single story, before hitting submit. (you can even share a link to the story in your messaging app!)
Invite a friend to collaborate on a story before sharing with others
* Comments are connected to the story, no matter when they’re made.
** Customized sharing: Share with individuals, groups or even publicly
Great way to organize, find and enjoy stories in the future
Add a new person to the group and they can see all pix/video sent before they were added, without you having to find and resend
Upload unlimited photos per post
Tell more of the story
Upload unlimited videos per post and videos of any length
Add to or edit story over time
Reorganize photos after publishing
* When you look back in the future, the comments are still all there, connected to the story — after all, they’re an important part of the fun!
** Keep some stories private, share others intimately and still others more broadly or with different groups or even publicly. All with just a few clicks.

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