Remember the Story!

Create Travel Journals to Look Back on Your Greatest Moments

LifeTales makes it easy create multimedia travel journals that you can share with pinpoint, fully customized sharing control.

Capture, Organize, and Share

Whether you’re trotting the globe or exploring your neighborhood, LifeTales gives you the tools to create and privately share your greatest adventures.

Easy story creation
Upload photos and videos from your phone or hard drive, write the text behind the images, and record video selfies directly in-app.
Pinpoint sharing controls
You're in charge of who gets access to view or edit stories. Optionally invite others to collaborate with others as co-Storytellers.
All owned by you
All stories are downloadable to your hard drive at any time for further safekeeping.

Capture the full story

Get more out of your trip by documenting your memories with our iOS, Android and web app. LifeTales helps you tell the stories behind the photos of your journey in a single, beautiful narrative.
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The ultimate keepsake

With LifeTales, you can use video, text, pictures, or even audio voiceovers describing the pictures. Imagine looking back, many years from now, reliving your greatest adventures. Imagine hearing yourself tell the story behind the pictures (that you'd probably forgotten by now!).
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Privately Social

Share your travel experience as it happens with friends or family members, using our advanced sharing controls. Or share public links with your followers on social media or email. Just a few minutes each night and your friends can enjoy your trip right along with you! And you'll end up creating a memory of a lifetime, almost effortlessly!
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Feature Snapshot

LifeTales Features

Tremendously Flexible
Use any combination of pictures, video, text or audio to create your memory.

Add to any story over time. Or create many short stories. Or both.

Easily reorder pages at any time.
Pictures & Videos
Upload from your phone or computer. Add a Youtube or Vimeo video. Record video in app.

No limit to size or length.
Add voice, audio clips or audio files.

Add audio captions on pictures to share your color commentary!
Add captions to pictures or write full length blog posts. Add and rearrange paragraphs, set headings, add links.

Mix it up — use a combination of text, audio and video selfies to tell the story!
Stories are private by default
Share and preserve precious memories for you and your family in a way most of us will not do on public social media.
Stories are hosted securely on Amazon's cloud servers, archived in a private, safe environment.

All stories are downloadable to your hard drive at any time for further safekeeping.
All owned by you
Unlike social media platforms, you own all of your content, not us.
Easy collaboration
Collaborate on a story with friends — like your travel partner — as co-Storytellers!

Share a Collection with friends so you can all add stories to it.
Pinpoint sharing controls
Each story is shared with pinpoint control.

You're in charge of who gets access to view or edit stories.
Share public stories
Add some stories to your very own public page — the world's easiest blog!

Or just share a single story publicly on social media. Takes just seconds.
LifeTales Story Example

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Here's just one example so you can see how LifeTales works. They could also have recorded audio or a video selfie instead of writing. Just two minutes to preserve a memory of a lifetime.
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One of my favorite apps! LifeTales allows me to compile all of my favorite memories into their own little books. I love to share them with friends and go back and look at them. From family trips to college events, it lets me use videos, pictures, and audio to remember every piece of it!
LifeTales User
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LifeTales User
App Store Review
LifeTales offers me the perfect social media app to share stories and memories with my friends and family. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, frankly, I find it just a little too invasive. With LifeTales I can choose who can see my post without worrying who else will be able to view it.
LifeTales User
App Store Review
I’ve been using the app for 3 years and I love it. I just download the pics I like each night and at the end of a trip I have a perfect album
LifeTales User
App Store Review
LifeTales has made it easy to create and then later to quickly access the post (story). I love the flexibility it offers me to add more photos, texts and videos. Family and friends are able to comment on a post and, if I choose, they may also be able to add to the story.
LifeTales User
App Store Review
I’ve always wanted one place to save all my favorite pictures and videos while keeping them private and this is just the app! I love that I can add to it a little bit every day and I don’t have to start the story over. Being able to add a mix of content is awesome as I haven’t found any other app like it.

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