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Our Key Goal for the Design of LifeTales
Remove the barriers to getting it done

Make it easier.
  • Writing stories can be slow and time-consuming. Use video, audio and text to tell stories. That way, more stories will be created, and they'll be created more easily. View an example story
  • Straightforward and easy process for anyone of any age.
  • No meticulous planning needed in advance. Create stories at any time, then place them at any time into the right chapter in the right order.
Make it better
  • Video and audio of the subject creates a fantastic memory and adds a tremendous amount of richness to each story.
  • With multiple people commenting and retelling together a story together, you can get more of the story.
Make it motivating
  • Privately social: Involve the family as it happens.
  • The Storyteller feels great as they receive comments and likes as each story is written. Comments and likes become part of the memoir, to further add richness to the memoir.
  • Receive ongoing requests for stories from the family. It shows they care and what they care about.

How it works

  1. Purchase a 1-year or a monthly plan
  2. Invite your family to participate in the Memoir creation. Up to 6 people for the basic plan.
  3. We send the storyteller (the Memoir subject or author) an email each week.
Grandfather and grandson viewing a LifeTales Memoir story

Our Mission
Help everyone, everywhere, preserve their stories for their descendants


Memoir is a collection of single or multi page stories organized by tags into groups

The memoir subject is the person that the memoir is about. If this is about a living person, that person is probably part of the family group. If the person is no longer with us, one of you is designated as the Storyteller.

A story is made up of any combination of pictures, videos, audio or text. You can also do an audio voiceover on a picture.


  1. Tags are a flexible way of creating “chapters”. The Administrator can create any number of tags. Those become the chapter headings. Story creators can add a tag to a story to have it fall into the right chapter and a date to fall into the right order
  2. An especially nice thing about tags is that the admin can create one at any time. So if you decide that a new chapter is needed, it's easy to create. Also, by changing the tags on a story, you can easily place a story into a different chapter.
  3. With tags and dates, there's no need to create an outline in advance or even do things in an orderly fashion. Stories can be created at any time about any topic and, by adding the right tag, and the right date, it will automatically fall into the right place

Story Creator
This is the person who creates any individual story. It could be any of the participants. They have full editing privileges over that story. Other participants can only comment and like pages in the story.

The admin has full privileges over editing and adding to all stories that are created. This is usually the person who creates the account in the first place. However, you can transfer admin privileges to someone else in case you want somebody with more tech savvy.

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