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The Top 6 Memoir Writing Services to Help You Write Your Memoir

People hire memoir writing services to help write their memoir for lots of different reasons. Maybe they can’t decide what’s important to include. Maybe some things are simply too difficult to write about. Maybe they’re stuck midway through. Or maybe they just can’t decide where to start.

We’ve talked before about what to look for when you hire a memoir writing service or writer. But where do you find a good one? 

Here are six great options for memoir writing services to help with your memoir.

THGM Writing Services

Based in Canada, THGM Writing Services uses a team of freelance Canadian and US-based “professional ghostwriters, ready to write your autobiography or memoir.” In addition to memoir, THGM Writing Services will also write biography, autobiography (remember the difference from memoir!), and life stories/memorial memoirs. French and Spanish translators are available. THGM Writing Services has been featured in Forbes, Maclean’s, and The Verge.

How long will it take?: Not listed

How much will it cost?: No prices listed, but offer a free quote based on some specifics you supply about the project 

Real Life Stories

Founder Sheridan Hill works with “a small stable of publishing professionals hand-picked for their expertise, efficiency, and ability to deliver.” Real Life Stories promises a memoir or biography “that is beautifully written, impeccably researched, and professionally printed.” Real Life Stories has been recommended by the AARP as one of the top personal biography companies in the United States.

How long will it take?: Preference is 12 months

How much will it cost?: No prices listed, but base costs include travel and lodging costs for author, transcription, book design, and printing.

Heritage Memoirs

Heritage Memoirs produces “one-of-a-kind life stories, memoirs, personal histories, family histories and corporate histories from recorded interviews.” They offer services from ghost writers, oral historians, family historians, editors, and life-story or memoir writer. Based in Canada, Heritage Memoirs’ writers will travel anywhere in Canada or the United States, and have a location in Mexico, too.

How long will it take?: 4-18 months, depending on the frequency of the interviews and complexity of project

How much will it cost?: Minimum of $15,000

Kevin Anderson & Associates

This is the Cadillac option of memoir services. Kevin Anderson & Associates’ ghostwriting and editing services provide you the opportunity to work with a team of New York Times #1 bestselling authors and editors. Their client list includes New York Times #1 bestselling authors, literary agents and agencies, Big Five publishing houses, celebrities, and Fortune-100 business executives. But expect to pay—their rates start at $25,000 US.

How long will it take?: Average projects will take 3-6 months

How much will it cost?: Packages range from $25,000 to $150,000. They do suggest that if you have a manuscript (or partial) complete you may only need other editorial services (like developmental editing). They encourage people to inquire, as these costs can be substantially less than their ghostwriting packages. 

Modern Memoirs, Inc.

Modern Memoirs, Inc. is a self-publishing company specializing in memoirs and family histories. They offer a full-service private publication process, handling everything from interviews, to book design, image processing, and print and e-book creation. Over 25 years in business, they have produced books for more than 170 clients in six countries and twenty-nine U.S. states. 

How long will it take?: Two levels of service: an Assisted Memoir (editorial, design, and production of a finished manuscript) takes 3-4 months. A Commissioned Memoir (written solely by them) usually takes 12 months.

How much will it cost?: Assisted Memoir is $7,000 for editing and design and $3,000 to print. Commissioned Memoirs start at $40,000 for writing, editing, and design, and $3,000 to print.

Memoir by LifeTales

Want to create a memoir in minutes a day at no cost? That’s the promise of Memoir, an app from LifeTales. We've made it easy and fun to capture, share, and preserve your family stories digitally in just minutes a day. Create stories using any combination of pictures, video, video-selfies, and audio voiceovers on images. And yes, you can type, too!

Memoirs by LifeTales uses the latest end-to-end encryption technology and is visible only to people who you authorize to have access to your stories. And with multiple family members on the app the possibilities to expand the stories being told are endless!

How long will it take?: You can create a multi-media memoir in only minutes a day, in your spare time

How much will it cost?:  Free!

Whether you’re curious to learn more about memoir, or you’re ready to start documenting your own memoir today, download the Memoir, by LifeTales app and begin recording something your loved ones will cherish for years.