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How To Write Your Memoir in Just Minutes a Week

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while you could miss it."
- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

How much do you really know about your Mom and Dad, or your Grandparents? Our older family members have so many precious memories to share, ones that have shaped them, and through them our whole family's history and identity.

Who changed their life? What were the most important lessons they learned? What were their hopes for the future?

What will your kids know about them? What do they know about you? Who will remember?

Maybe you've considered doing a memoir for yourself or trying to inspire a loved one to tell their story, but it is something that has been pushed off to "someday." Someday never comes, however, because it is too daunting a project, needing planning, researching, and being chained to a keyboard to write it all down.

But not anymore!

Because with the free Memoirs app by LifeTales, we've made it easy and fun to capture, share, and preserve your family stories digitally in just minutes a day. Create stories using any combination of pictures, video, video-selfies, and audio voiceovers on images. And yes, you can type, too!

Stories from years ago won't change, but they will be lost. Preserve them, starting today!

Write Your Memoir in Just Minutes a Week

Can you spare five minutes a day? Then you can create a memoir with the Memoir app! In just a few short minutes a day you can record a story, or post a picture, and fill in another bit of your life for your loved ones.

Free Yourself from the Keyboard

How long would it take you to type out a story from your life? How long would it take your parent or your grandparent? What if you didn't need to rely on a keyboard to tell your story?

Just hit "Record" in the Memoirs app and record a video of you telling your story.

When you're ready you can add titles and text comments to the videos, and even upload photos and add audio captions to pictures to explain to your loved ones who is in the photo and what's happening.

Involve Your Whole Family

Unlike other social media apps, Memoirs by LifeTales uses the latest end-to-end encryption technology. 

Your story is uploaded securely to the cloud for you and shared only with other people using the Memoirs app who you authorize to have access to your stories. So you share only with the people who matter most.

And with multiple family members on the app the possibilities to expand the stories being told are endless!

Ask Your Questions, Get Your Answers

Our parents and grandparents have so many stories to tell, ones that help us connect not only with their past but with our own.

With the Memoirs app, you can sit down with them and have a conversation, asking them the questions you've always wanted to and record their memories.

And to prompt their memory you can always send them questions as video messages on their phone, tablet, or computer. There's magic in being asked a question — especially if it's from a child or grandchild. What grandparent could say no? And their answers often lead to more questions!

Start Sharing Now—Don't Wait for a Book!

The best thing about the Memoir app by LifeTales is that you don't have to wait to start sharing your stories!

If you wrote a traditional memoir, you'd have to wait for a full book to be completed before you could share it with your friends and loved ones. But with the Memoirs app you can start sharing stories right away, passing along your latest video or photo as soon as you create them.

And you always retain full ownership of everything you create and post — forever.

So don't wait until it's too late. Whether it's for you or a loved one, start writing a memoir today, one short story at a time.

Whether you’re curious to learn more about memoir, or you’re ready to start documenting your own life story today, download the Memoir, by LifeTales app and begin recording something your loved ones will cherish for years.