Self-isolating during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

With much of the world self-isolating, here are a few ideas on how LifeTales can be incredibly useful for your family.

Young kids at home?

Many of our members are using LifeTales as a video diary, documenting their thoughts and experience. Not only can that be therapeutic — it will also be amazing to look back on one day!

Another idea — record some of the activities your family and kids are doing each day during isolation. Tell the story — it's once in a lifetime!

Older kids at home?

Your kids are at home and you’re trying to find things to keep them occupied? Suggest they do a daily video diary about their experience.

You could suggest they tell stories to their 21 year old self — remind them what they’re experiencing!

Parents or Grandparents on their own?

Not a great idea to visit Seniors right now, especially with the kids — too much danger of viral transmission 😟

Keep your Parents/Grandparents engaged and involved in family life, even when they can’t be there with you right now!

You’re probably already video chatting — and that’s terrific. But you can’t spend all day live on video.

How about creating stories for them — or perhaps have the kids create stories — or share your LifeTales about what your family is doing each day.

Imagine how often your parents/grandparents will play a song that your child sings to them!!

Grandparents not tech-savvy?

Not a problem!

Send them an "Invite New People" link to your story, using any app you normally use together (text, email, etc). They'll be able to view it on their computer, iPad or mobile phone, just by tapping the link.

No need for your parents/grandparents to create a LifeTales account. A simple tap will do!

And for your viewing pleasure, here's our all-time favorite movie ending — from Love Actually.

Show your love to your loved ones, even if you can't be with them  ❤️

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