New Live Chat Feature on LifeTales - For Conversations Worth Remembering!

The pandemic has brought us new forms of communication, that perhaps they were there before, but they were not on our radar, nor we cared about it. That’s the case for video chats and all the booming apps that offer the service like Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft Meets, etc. 

However, these are generally not conversations that you want to keep and store, so what about the ones you do? The ones you’d love to see again and again and even show to your [future] children?

That’s where we come in! We decided to launch a new feature within LifeTales that allows you to record and safely store a conversation that you want to remember. It’s the new Live Video Chat (Beta) and here we explain to you how it works. (Please note this is still the Beta version, so you might encounter some bugs we're actively working to fix.)

How it works 

1. Start

Tap Add button on your LifeTales profile and then Record Chat button. During our beta test, recordings will start immediately. - After the test, we’ll have a “Start Recording" button

2. Invite 

Copy the link and send it to your friend

  • Our focus for now is on saving one to one conversations ​

3. Chat

Have a nice chat!

  • While you're chatting, the session is being recorded - You can edit out the parts you don't want later

4. End & Edit

When finished, Tap End Chat - We'll notify you when the processing is finished. During beta, this step may take a while. We expect processing to be much quicker when we launch. After the video is processed you can edit out the parts you don't want and just leave the ones you do.

That's it, easy peasy! Are you ready to try it out? Login to your LifeTales account or sign up here:

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