5 Ways to Practice Self-Care During The Quarantine

We gathered a list of five things everyone can do at home to help cope with anxiety, nerves, and uncertainty. We know everyone’s circumstances are different and while some might enjoy free time at home, others have to take care of their kids, work harder than before or find ways to stay financially stable. These are some simple things you can do in any situation to help ease your mind. 


Maybe you’ve heard this a million times and it might sound good, but where do you start? A simple way of doing it is by using an app that can guide you through. Calm, HeadSpace, Journey, or InsightTimer are some of our favorites. Some of them guide you from beginning to end, and others let you choose your own way. Whatever your preference, this is an easy first step. 

Limit time online 

The information out there can be confusing, contradictory, overwhelming, and scary. No one in their right mind should be following news all day. Instead, try to disconnect from information sources online like news clips on your Facebook feed, opinionated people, live updates on Coronavirus, and others. Try to llook for one daily update from a reliable source. 

Think about what you’re grateful for 

If you’re feeling asphyxiated at home, pause and count all the things you’re grateful for. You can do this in a journal. Here’s a quick guide on how to journal with LifeTales. A really easy way to start is by saving once a day one thing you’re grateful for. Whether you like expressing it via audio, video, or text, the important thing is to be able to see in front of you what matters.   


There’s a saying that goes something like: “only busy people have time”, and that’s because the more you have to do, the more motivated you are to do other things. If you’re sitting on your couch watching TV all day, you’re less likely to do other activities, but if you give yourself a task then others will follow. De-cluttering might sound like it just "keeps your closet clean", but it really will help you stay motivated. Try it out!

Read out loud

For yourself or for others, reading out loud is a fun activity that changes the dynamic of reading a book. You can play with intonation, different voices for characters, accents, and any other playful things you want to add to the mix. Not sure what to read? Here’s Bill Gate’s reading list

Overall, it’s important to remember you’re not alone on this. The entire world is with you — and this too shall pass!

If you’re ready to start preserving today’s thoughts, sign up to LifeTales. It’s free, easy, and private.

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